Residential Moving: We offer world class moving services at a reasonable rate. Our policy is to create a stress free hauling environment for the customer with the comfort that your belongings are safe. At Murdock’s Moving & Hauling we take the time to securely wrap your furniture with pads so no harm comes to your belongings. We come prepared with our own shrink wrap and tape to ensure that the pads stay on during the trip.


Commercial Moving: In addition to household moving we also provide commercial moving services. We come equipped with all the right tools and equipment to get your office moved correctly. We apply are same work ethic when moving commercially as we do residential because we realize your office is important and needs to be moved correctly. Furniture is wrapped securely, and things are packed neatly.


Packing: Along with moving your belongings we also will pack them for you as well. We have the experience to make sure your boxes are packed right so that nothing is damaged when moved. We will not only provide the boxes, but also the tape and markers to secure and label each box. We also come with wardrobe boxes to keep your clothes on hangars and wrinkle free. They are available for purchase if you decide you would like to hold on to the wardrobe boxes.


Junk removal: Whether it’s trash, scrap, or junk we will remove it and dispose of it appropriately. With numerous junk removal jobs under our belt, you can be sure that we are the most efficient and economical ones for the work.


E-waste removal: We also specialize in removing any electronic equipment, appliances, or devices that you no longer need. They get disposed of responsibly at either the Neal Road waste facility or the few recycling places that do accept e-waste.


Green Waste Removal: Another area of expertise is the removal of green waste. This ranges from tree limbs, brush, leaves, stumps, lumber or anything else that is categorized as green waste. It gets disposed of at the green waste facility in Durham, that then creates mulch and compost for the local area.